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Why health screening makes financial sense

World Health Day, on 7 April, is a good reminder to check up on occupational health policies. Are you doing enough to keep your employees healthy? Employees are any company’s most important asset. Taking care of them is an investment in your company’s future, and one way to do that is to offer health screening.… Continue Reading

Workplace TB programmes save lives and money

World Tuberculosis Day, on 24 March, is the perfect time to re-evaluate workplace TB policies. South Africa is one of the countries most burdened by tuberculosis (TB), with 450 000 South Africans contracting TB in 2014 alone. Besides the suffering the disease causes, it also leaves its mark on the workplace: Globally, TB costs around… Continue Reading



With it being TB awareness Month it is no surprise that the headlines are filled with TB articles and statistics. A recent News24 article however brought to light a new strain of TB which is sending shock waves across the nation. This new strain of TB is incurable, and completely unresponsive to any antibiotics used… Continue Reading

Pregnancy in the Workplace

It is vitally important to be aware not only of the legislation regarding pregnancy in the workplace but also the possible dangers that a pregnant woman may be faced with when working in certain industries. Although not all the medical risk factors will be present or apply to your industry it is important to know… Continue Reading

World Aids Day – Employee Wellness

World Aids Day – Employee Wellness

World Aids day has flown by fast and many companies have held Wellness Events or are still  preparing Wellness Events to educate their staff and promote testing for HIV. At Working Knowledge International we have seen an increase in requests for HIV education and testing which proves that employers are themselves becoming more educated and… Continue Reading

Occupational Health Compliance

Occupational Health Compliance

In today’s business environment legislation is becoming more cumbersome giving rise to additional costs that must be incurred by companies. Many companies, new and sometimes established, do not adhere to this legislation and erode compliant companies bottom lines as they operate without the additional costs, thus enabling them to under quote. Not only do they… Continue Reading



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