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Lifeblood – Blood Transfusions Discussed

Lifeblood – Blood Transfusions Discussed

Thinking of having a company blood drive? Here’s what you need to know about blood transfusions and donation. What are blood transfusions used for? Transfusions are done on patients who have lost a lot of blood or whose bodies can’t make adequate blood, including women giving birth, premature babies, accident or trauma patients, and surgical… Continue Reading

Take Action on Women’s Health

Take Action on Women’s Health

28 May is International Day of Action for Women’s Health. Here’s how you can create gender-sensitive occupational health policies. Stress, burnout and depression are increasing year on year. A worrying trend for companies, says Dr Niri Naidoo, clinical operations executive at Bankmed medical aid, because “stressed workers are absent from work three times as often… Continue Reading

Keep your company healthy this winter

Keep your company healthy this winter

African Vaccination Week, from 24-30 April, is the perfect time to kick off a company-wide vaccine awareness programme. As the weather cools, the workplace sniffles start. And when one person gets sick, you can be sure more will follow. Flu costs the South African economy R2billion each year, says a report by the Global Hygiene… Continue Reading

Workplace TB programmes save lives and money

World Tuberculosis Day, on 24 March, is the perfect time to re-evaluate workplace TB policies. South Africa is one of the countries most burdened by tuberculosis (TB), with 450 000 South Africans contracting TB in 2014 alone. Besides the suffering the disease causes, it also leaves its mark on the workplace: Globally, TB costs around… Continue Reading



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