Random Acts of Kindness

Just to Make You Smile!

This is the banner under which we do our small part in the community. In August 2013, we started our Just to Make You Smile campaign by handing out roses, sweets, highlighters and chocolates. We believe that through these tiny Random Acts of Kindness we can brighten someone’s day and so encourage them to do the same.

In late 2013 we came across the Lambano Sanctuary and immediately knew that we shared a common goal in working with HIV positive individuals. We were inspired by the work they do and wanted to help in some way. We met with a Sister who provides care for the children there; she spoke to us about what they do and gave us a tour of their facilities. We were moved by the passion that was so evident from the moment we stepped foot onto their premises and as an Occupational Health Company we identified with their medical needs. We were made aware of the fact that they only had 1 first aid kit to be shared between 4 houses.

Immediately we contacted one of our suppliers to get quotations for first aid boxes. However, when Omnisurge found out what it was for they insisted on helping us and so we were able to supply the Lambano Sanctuary with 4 Regulation 7 First Aid Kits as well as offer them refills when they need it.

In April 2014 we were finally able to deliver the first aid boxes along with food, clothing and hygien products to the Lambano Sanctuary. We spent the rest of the afternoon with the children playing soccer and ‘duck-duck goose’. Meeting the children and spending time with them was something I think none of the WKI staff would soon forget.

We would like to thank Lambano Sanctuary for the incredible work they do. You create a home for the children there and ensure that they are educated and granted every opportunity, which they may not have gotten had you not come onto their path.

To Omnisurge we give great thanks. You share our passion and have assisted us in giving back to a group that is so deserving and in need of help.

We encourage all our clients, suppliers and friends to take part in this initiative either by assisting the Lambano Sanctuary or by simply making a stranger smile. It is so easy to forget how good this world can be, lets all remind and encourage each other to smile and make others smile by doing a simple random act of kindness.

If you would like to get involved you can contact us or click here to see what else the Lambano Sanctuary might need.

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