Lifeblood - Blood Transfusions Discussed

Lifeblood – Blood Transfusions Discussed

Thinking of having a company blood drive? Here’s what you need to know about blood transfusions and donation. What are blood transfusions used for? Transfusions are done on patients who have lost a lot of blood or whose bodies can’t make adequate blood, including women giving birth, premature babies, accident or trauma patients, and surgical …

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Take Action on Women’s Health

28 May is International Day of Action for Women’s Health. Here’s how you can create gender-sensitive occupational health policies. Stress, burnout and depression are increasing year on year. A worrying trend for companies, says Dr Niri Naidoo, clinical operations executive at Bankmed medical aid, because “stressed workers are absent from work three times as often …

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With it being TB awareness Month it is no surprise that the headlines are filled with TB articles and statistics. A recent News24 article however brought to light a new strain of TB which is sending shock waves across the nation. This new strain of TB is incurable, and completely unresponsive to any antibiotics used …

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