How Health and Safety Adds Value to a Business

How Health and Safety Adds Value to a Business

By implementing a health and safety system in your organisation, you can effectively manage risks and workplace hazards to prevent unwanted and unnecessary loss. In the long run, investing in health and safety can be largely beneficial to the success of your business.
Legislation requires that employers provide safe and healthy working conditions for all employees, and to ensure that company stakeholders, both internal and external, are not exposed to hazards or risks associated with business activities. Failure to comply with this legislation can lead to fines, prosecution and possibly even criminal liability. For these reasons is of great importance for companies to invest in health and safety policies and procedures.

Companies must also consider the impact that an effective health and safety system will have on the success of their organisation.

Not only will the wellbeing of employees be protected, but also the company’s credibility and reputation in its community. Furthermore, by implementing such a system, damage to the factory, environment and equipment can be avoided. This could help to save the company from enormous expenses and secure its on-going financial success.

Workplace injuries and illnesses lead to a loss of productivity and decreased company morale. From both a financial and management point of view, it is imperative to take the initiative to prevent occupational health risks.

Be pro-active about the health and safety of your employees.
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Tip Of The Month

A healthy workplace forms the foundation for a business that is consistently reliable and profitable.

Profits are lost when occupational health problems arise. If these risks are pro-activiely managed, accident statistics will be reduced, production will increase and company insurance premiums can be reduced.

Companies that have a good health and safety record are more favourable environments for employees to work in. Happy and healthy employees
consistently produce higher quality goods and services.

Working Knowledge International can assist you to manage the health and safety of your employees so that you can reap the benefits of a healthy