HIV and AIDS Programme, Education and Testing for your employees.

HIV and Aids Programme

HIV and AIDS Programme, Education and Testing for your employees.

Why does your business require an Hiv and Aids Programme?  HIV/AIDS has been around since the early 1980s and one would expect every person to consider going for HCT (HIV Counseling and Testing) routinely as part of their yearly medical checkup.

Unfortunately, this could not be further from the truth. People in general still shy away from talking about HIV/AIDS and gaining the necessary information that will empower them to make an informed decision regarding HIV Counselling and Testing.

Our efforts therefore focuses on wellness programmes including training and education to equip employees with the correct information regarding the illness before delivering voluntary HIV Counselling and Testing.

Due to the vast number of employees whom we come into contact with on a daily basis while delivering Occupational Health Medicals, we have first-hand knowledge of the effects that HIV and AIDS have on employees, their families, the workplace and the economy as a whole.  As a result we highly recommend all corporate, companies and factories with employees to conduct an HIV and Aids Programme on an annual or bi-annual basis.  This can be a wellness programme including glucose testing, blood pressure testing, hygiene education and an HIV and Aids programme.  Your tailor-made programme can include one or more of these components as you require in your company.  You may choose to focus on delivering a programme exclusively devoted to HIV and Aids.

An HIV and Aids programme will include one or both of the following:

Hiv and Aids Education

Confidential HIV Counselling and Testing

Early detection and an appropriate treatment regime have been proven very effective in keeping employees healthy and productive.

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