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June 2012 Newsletter – Onsite Medicals


OnSite Medicals: 5 Things to Consider

When doing OnSite Medicals there are few things you should take into consideration. To make the process easy and smooth, read the list of the things to be considered below. This will not only assist you but will also assist the Onsite Professional Team you are using.


  1. Ensure that the team you are using for your Medicals have the appropriate qualifications and registration. You should request their SANC (South African Nursing Counsel) & SASOHN (South African Society of Occupational Health Nursing Practitioners) proof registration.
  2. Ensure that the audio booth(s) are properly calibrated.  If not calibrated; environmental noise can influence the results. You must receive a calibration certificate from your Service Provider.
  3. A dedicated space must be provided for lung functions & eye tests with a separate space for the Physical Examinations to ensure confidentiality & privacy.
  4. Make sure that there is a steady flow of employees that get sent for their medicals. This will save time and money.
  5. You should receive a report and fitness certificates within 2 weeks of project completion to assist you with managing corrective actions.


Tip of the Month

Magnesium plays a big part in noise sensitivity. The more noise you’re exposed to, the worse the deficiency of magnesium becomes.

Why? A function of magnesium is to coat the nerve endings. If you are short of it, there is nothing between your nerve endings and the environment and so small noises will irritate or upset you – especially if you’re trying to sleep. This constant deficiency gradually worsens the problem.

Excessive noise also burns up your magnesium reserves so if you’re exposed to constant noise, you will need to keep your reserves of magnesium high. This includes people who listen to loud music, work with noisy machinery or spends a lot of time in noisy places.

A simple solution is taking a Magnesium supplement. However, for magnesium to be absorbed by the body, it needs to be taken with calcium.

We recommend CalMag-C as it has an absorbency time of 10min. It works fast and is very effective.

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