Just to Make You Smile Campaign

3927-SQNZHYIn August 2013 Working Knowledge International launched the ‘Just to Make You Smile’ Campaign by giving roses to passersby, an initiative inspired by Random Acts. We have also handed out sweets, highlighters and chocolates.

The purpose of the campaign is to do random acts of kindness and so brighten someone’s day. However we at Working Knowledge International wanted to do more, and we knew we were in a position where we had the resources to do more. The question was what was it?

We began our search to find a group that was not only in need of assistance but to whom we could offer something. We came across many deserving organizations that were all doing their part and more in their communities. But one in particular stood out to us, because of the nature of the work they do; caring for children living with HIV and other serious medical conditions: Lambano Sanctuary Homes and Hospice.

We met with a Nursing Sister who toured us through their facilities and who introduced us to some of the children who call Lambano home. It was heartwarming to see the passion and love the staff has for the children and their work.

The Sister discussed with us some of Lambano’s needs. At the time we had the meeting; Lambano only had one First Aid it between the four houses that are within walking distance from each other. We knew that this was something we could assist Lambano Sanctuary with and we immediately called one of our suppliers to get quotes for First Aid boxes.

Omnisurge has been supplying us with medical equipment for years and when they realized the purpose of the First Aid kits, they jumped on board and assisted us with this project. We were able to provide Lambano Sanctuary with a Regulation 7 First Aid box for each of their houses as well as offer them refills when they need them.

In mid-April 2014 we were able to visit Lambano Sanctuary and present them with the First Aid boxes, food, hygiene products and clothing. We were incredibly lucky to be able to spend time with the children. They are truly an inspiration to us and have shown us that no matter what your story is, you write your own ending. They are incredible young people who have a chance at life thanks to people at Lambano Sanctuary.

We would like to encourage everyone to do a random act of kindness and so make a stranger smile. We can all remind each other that there is good in the world. Just to make you smile.


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