Professional Occupational Medicals Delivery

Occupational Medicals

Professional Occupational Medicals Delivery

Occupational Medicals – WKI Occupational Health is a Johannesburg-based occupational health company with a long track record of reliability, accountability and promptness  in delivering occupational medicals for employees and issuing fitness certificates to many industries, e.g. medicals for construction workers, mine medicals, driver medicals, medicals for factory workers, food handler medicals, waste management worker medicals, working at heights medicals, employee medical screenings etc.

Basic occupational medicals consist of the following:

  • A full physical examination
  • Height and weight to determine Body Mass Index
  • Urine test
  • Blood pressure and pulse
  • Glucose test (if indicated)
  • Vision screening
  • Lung function test
  • Audiometric screening (hearing test)
  • ECG (if requested/indicated)

These occupational medicals are carried out at our Occupational Health Clinic or conveniently On-Site by our qualified team of occupational health practitioners, occupational health nurses or, if required, by an occupational medical practitioner (doctor).

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Contact us today to book your employee’s occupational medical!  Your employees can be working not waiting.

Call us or complete the form with details of your industry and what your employees are exposed to (eg. Dust, chemicals, hazardous substances, toxins, noise).

What is Medical Surveillance?

Medical surveillance consists of a systematic programme of medical check-ups for your employees, that includes entry or pre-employment medical checks, periodical medical surveillance (usually annually) and exit medical examinations. The purpose of an employee medical surveillance programme is to determine whether employees are fit for duty by using the criteria, as set out on the main job specification supplied to us by the employer.

Additional tests might be done, depending upon the industry involved or as requested by the client.  Some of our additional services include:

Chest X-rays

Certain industries, for example, mining, spray-painting, etc. require chest x-rays to be done. Your employees are referred to our in-house x-ray department for this service, or if more convenient, they may go to the closest x-ray department.

Height Work Assessment

Height Work Assessment is a psychological assessment for workers working at heights.

Alcohol and Drug Tests

  • Cannabis
  • Ethanol (alcohol)
  • Multi-drug tests
  • Confirmatory test (done by Forensic Drug Testing Laboratory at the University of Pretoria)

Biological monitoring

Biological monitoring is a program for the periodic collection and analysis of blood, urine, tissue, or exhaled breath samples. The purpose of collecting samples is to detect the employee’s exposure to, and absorption of hazardous substances, and to ensure that these substances are not adversely affecting them. We collect samples based on employee exposure. These samples are collected and sent to a pathological laboratory for analysis.

Biological effects monitoring

Biological Effects Monitoring is the monitoring and measurement of the effects a substance has on the target organ. The substance the employee is exposed to will determine what these tests would consist of.

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