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On-Site Medicals

Why do On-site Medicals?

Companies cannot afford to lose time and money  due to the fact that they are legally obligated to send their employees for regular medical examinations to establish fitness for duty.  The answer is to have our Occupational Health team come to you and perform our full On-site medical services, we have three mobile units enabling us to do more than one project per day or large projects on a day.

At WKI Occupational Health, we offer a highly trained and competent Occupational Health team that will not only cut down the lost time and money but will also ensure that your employees return to doing their work as soon as their medical screenings are complete.

Our fully equipped on-site medical clinics allow clients to maximize both health and safety standards on their job sites, while substantially reducing compensation costs and employees time away from work.

On-site medicals services include:

  • Medical Surveillance (Entrance medicals, Pre-Employment medicals, Baseline medicals, Periodical medicals, and Exit medicals)
  • Medical Testing: Audiometric tests (hearing tests), lung function tests, vision screening (eye tests) and blood tests
  • Biological Monitoring
  • Biological Effects Monitoring
  • Drug Tests
  • On-site Chest X-Rays (on request)

At WKI Occupational Health, we view our patients holistically. We have a strong focus on delivering quality employee medical examinations and we strive to go above and beyond what is expected of us. In addition to this, we go the extra mile to accommodate our client’s needs, by tailor-making an On-site Medical programme for each client.

In support of our quest for excellence and to encourage an attitude of constantly meeting or exceeding our customer expectations, we are committed to continually improving the effectiveness of our quality management system.  Employee health and well-being is our primary concern. A happy, healthy workforce is a valuable and productive workforce.

Contact us today for prompt, professional on-site medical services.

Wki Audio booth

On-site medical audio booth

*Please note: a minimum of 10 patients is required for on-site medicals programme.  Sending your employees to our occupational health clinic is an alternative.

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