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A Healthy Employee is a Productive Employee.

WKI Occupational Health is a National-based occupational health company, with our National office based in Isando. We offer the full range of Occupational Health services in both our Occupational Health Clinic in Isando, WItbank and Cape Town as well as On-site Medical Services, Wellness Programmes and day clinics, which are delivered country-wide.

We conduct medical examinations, issue fitness certificates and provide support and all services needed to our clients so that they may easily meet legal requirements and increase worker productivity.

All medicals are done in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Mines Health and Safety Act, National Road Traffic Act and with the knowledge that a healthy employee is a productive employee.


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Company History

WKI Occupational Health was founded as an occupational health company on 23 August 2003 as a Close Corporation. At that time, our main focus was on-site medicals.  As the company grew, WKI Occupational Health was able to establish a clinic so that smaller companies could send their employees for medical examinations as well as those that needed to follow up examinations. These greatly assisted clients with pre-employment and exit medicals.  Our clinic opened in Apex, Benoni, in March 2007, where we served, among others, Bombela with medicals for employees that were working on the Gautrain project.

By June 2010 the company had grown to a point where we needed bigger premises and located an ideal building in Isando. The opening of the new clinic took place on 1 September 2010. We saw the new opening as an ideal opportunity to convert the company from a Close Corporation to a Private Company (Pty) Ltd. Since then the occupational health company has grown significantly.  We have expanded our services to now also include HIV Education and Testing, TB training, Alcohol and Drug Education, and Wellness Programmes.

Dr B. Moodley our OMP works at WKI Occupational Health twice a week to do medical examinations on employees working in the mining and other industries as required by law. He also does disability assessments and workmen’s compensation and travel medicine. Our Occupational Health Nurses are able to assist you with all your Occupational Health requirements, either on-site or in our Clinic.

WKI Occupational Health is proud to announce, we have obtained the required licences from the Department of Health to provide Primary Health Care services.  We offer day clinics to various companies on either a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly basis, to care for their staff as needed, on an ongoing basis.

We also provide vaccination services for Travel Medicine as well as food handlers and medical waste and waste treatment plants.

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