Occupational Health Compliance

Occupational Health Compliance

In today’s business environment legislation is becoming more cumbersome giving rise to additional costs that must be incurred by companies.

Many companies, new and sometimes established, do not adhere to this legislation and erode compliant companies bottom lines as they operate without the additional costs, thus enabling them to under quote.

Not only do they put themselves at risks legally, but they also place the clients that contract them at risk.

In many instances we have seen that clients are not aware of the legal requirements their service provider must adhere to, resulting in medicals that must be re-performed at great financial expense or in severe cases result in penalties and fines.

This has prompted Working Knowledge International to compile an easy-to-use check-list to ensure that our clients are empowered in terms of the legislation that govern our industry, thus ensuring a level playing field is created in the Occupational Health Services field.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions as we have included only the most basic questions that should immediately come to light when choosing a service provider.

Should you not be able to receive the required proof or have any doubt about the information you obtained, please give us a call to assist you in making sure you receive sound advice.

Tip of the Month: Compliance Checklist

Will the medicals be performed by an Occupational Health Company and not a General Practitioner?

Do the nursing staff have a post graduate qualification in Occupational Health? Obtain proof.

Are the nursing staff registered with SANC (South African Nursing Council)? Obtain proof.

Is the calibration syringe for the Lung function machine calibrated (annual calibration) as per SANS 451? Obtain proof.

Did you received ID copies of the staff to ensure the certificates received for the various staff members are actually the staff members performing the tests?

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Occupational Health Compliance Checklist