Travel Medicine

Navigating the complex vaccination and inoculation requirements for global destinations can be tricky. WKI brings you a convenient end-to-end travel medicine service, which caters for all travellers and all destinations.

Vaccinations for every Destination

The most common vaccinations are for:

Cholera • Polio • Malaria • Typhoid • Tetanus • Yellow Fever • Hepatitis A & B • Encephalitis

WKI can perform these and any others as per your requirements, and will provide any necessary records.

Travel Health Assessments

To ensure that you are fit for travel and for any other specific requirements on a per-location basis, we provide pre-, intra- and post-travel screening, treatment and advisory services.

Travel medical services can be performed at our Occupation Health Centre for individual travellers, or on-site for groups larger than 10 travellers. Our practitioners are fully accredited and equipped with an in-depth understanding of the latest vaccination requirements around the world.