From: PC

Thanks for the great service and lovely people much appreciated.

Kind regards,

Health & Safety

From: PQC

Hi Tumi,

I just wanted to mention what a pleasure it is to work with you and your company.

You always get it right first time, we never need to follow up on ANYTHING.  Many companies in South Africa can take a page out of WKINT’s book and learn about customer service and satisfaction.

Thank-you and kind regards

Health Safety Officer

From: MT

Hi Pam,

Firstly, [we] did our medicals with you guys this morning and I would like to compliment you and your team on being really efficient as well as a pleasure to deal with.  Lots of smiles and good humour made the process very easy indeed.  Well done!

Have an awesome day!

Managing Director

From: CC

Thank you so much for this. I just want to tell you that you guys are the best to work with. Your reactions to emails, quotations, and service is absolutely outstanding. You are my favourite supplier!!! I hope we can work together a lot in future.

Have a great day.

Safety Practitioner

From: MB

Thank you for the fantastic service rendered by Working Knowledge it certainly goes a long way to assisting [us] care for [our] staff.



From: TN

Good Morning ladies

Thank you very much for assisting Perway Department with their medicals looking forward to do business with you, from my side you deserve 5 over 5 score keep up with the good work.


From: MKSS

I just want to take this opportunity to also thank you and the other ladies for all your help in getting these tests done when we arrived at your offices late.  We really appreciate this.

Thank you again for all your assistance and excellent service.

Kind regards,

From: ESA

Thank you for the medicals report Tumi.

My experience yesterday at Working Knowledge was very pleasant.  All the staff I encountered were kind, friendly, organized and professional and the facilities are very good.  Sincere interest was shown for my health and wellbeing in general and it’s obvious that the staff there see their patients not only as clients but as people.

Well done!

Best regards,

From: SC

Thank you so much for all the assistance you’ve been giving me.

Kind Regards,

From: CTR

Thanks a lot for your excellent and speedy service.

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