The Benefits of Mobile Clinics for Occupational Health Medicals

The Benefits of Mobile Clinics for Occupational Health Medicals

Mobile Healthcare Clinics add convenience without sacrificing quality

Mobile Clinics have made Occupational Healthcare more accessible and convenient than ever before. While regular occupational medicals for employees are a legal requirement for many industries it does not change the fact that scheduling occupational medicals can be a difficult and disruptive process for many companies.

Mobile Clinics Reduce Production Loss

Annual occupational medical checkups, while highly beneficial, tend to disrupt production time. Employees have to take time off work to travel to an occupational health clinic and this adds up to lost production time.

When you are looking at many employees taking time off the problem of production loss compounds. Since production is tied so intimately to your revenue, the loss of production, in fact, adds up to loss of revenue.

Mobile clinics are the solution to this problem.

By scheduling your occupational health checkups with one of our mobile healthcare clinics you get the convenience of allowing your employees to have their medical done in the quickest possible time and then get back to production.

When you start adding up the time saving of having twenty or more employees remaining on your premise for their health checks compared to having them each take several hours off to travel to an occupational healthcare facility, you can see a huge difference in the time lost.

The fact is, Working Knowledge International’s Mobile Clinics will save you time and money

Mobile Clinics Improve Accessibility

While it is true that many companies have their offices and other facilities located close to major city centres, there are also many companies that operate in outlying areas and even some which are located far from major centres.

Working Knowledge International’s Mobile Healthcare Clinics represent cost-effective solutions for companies who struggle with accessibility. The loss of production time should employees have to take off many hours or even a half or full day is largely eliminated by our mobile clinics.

Medical Technology & Mobile Healthcare Clinics

Utilising a mobile clinic does not mean you lose out on medical technology or have to make do with a reduction in the quality of your medical examinations. Our mobile clinics are equipped to effectively deliver a wide range of full medical services conveniently at your premises or site office.

All of the following can be accommodated through one of our on-site mobile clinics:

  • Medical Surveillance (Entrance medicals, Pre-Employment medicals, Baseline medicals,

Periodical medicals and Exit medicals)

  • Medical Testing: Audiometric tests (hearing tests), lung function tests, vision screening (eye tests) and blood tests
  • Biological Monitoring
  • Biological Effects Monitoring
  • Drug Tests
  • On-site Chest X-Rays (on request)
  • Confined space assessments
  • Height work assessments
  • Primary health care
  • Chronic condition monitoring
  • Wellness programmes

Working Knowledge International

Working Knowledge International strives to deliver high-quality employee medical examinations. Whether at our occupational health clinic or through one of our mobile clinics we will take a holistic approach to the wellbeing of your employees and you the employer. A healthy employee is a productive employee.

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