April 2013 Newsletter – Truth About Drugs

WKINT-Drugs3 Workplace drug education: The Truth About Drugs Programme

by Shaleen Wohrnitz

For the last two decades I’ve lectured on various subjects including workplace drug education, human rights and moral values. I’ve done over 10 TV interviews, written over 100 newspaper articles and had numerous radio interviews on these subjects.

My audience has ranged from police officers to school kids, and everything in between, including employees, teachers, social workers and parents.

I am passionate about bringing this information to people and I believe that people deserve to know the TRUTH about drugs through our workplace drug education lectures.

In a world where people are being taught to take drugs safely, where one can be addicted to a drug after taking it once, there has to be a tidal wave of information which arms the individual with facts.

The Truth About Drugs programme is designed to educate people on the short & long-term effects of drugs; this is done drug by drug.

South Africa suffers a R 20 billion loss each year due to drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace. This is why I encourage this awareness programme for employees. They need the facts about drugs, for themselves, their colleagues & their families.

At WKI we strive to empower employees and Companies to create a safe and effective workplace.

Visit our page for more information on our Truth About Drugs Programme or go to

Tip of the Month

In an investigation into drug abuse, 50% of truck drivers had been drinking or smoking dagga.

The unfortunate truth is that the use of drugs & alcohol in the workplace does exist, usually to the detriment of the user’s co-workers and employers.

As the employer there are things you can do about it.

1.  Ensure that company policy covers this subject, as failure may leave the company no recourse.

2.  Conduct drug education & awareness training. This will not only educate employees on the dangers of drugs & alcohol, but will assist the company in creating a safer work environment.

3.  Conducting drug & alcohol testing can decrease the number of incidents.

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