Employee and Corporate Wellness Programme

Wellness Programme

Corporate and Employee Wellness Programme

Many employees going through our occupational health clinic suffer from undiagnosed chronic illnesses, e.g., hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes, cholesterol, HIV etc., and even though we educate them on the spot, the treatment non-compliance percentage remains exceptionally high.

We identified the need for an employee wellness programme providing training and education, which proved invaluable once implemented. With the power of knowledge given to employees, treatment compliance increased significantly.  With our first-hand knowledge and extensive years of experience, we are the ideal professionals to deliver your Wellness Programme.

It has become evident that employees need a better understanding of their illness and the potential adverse health effects they could suffer due to non-compliance.  A Working Knowledge International Wellness programme is designed per client requirements and include wellness screening and medical testing and / or education in one or more of the following topics:  cardiac (heart) diseases, hypertension (high blood pressure), cholesterol levels, glucose levels (blood sugar levels), personal hygiene, tuberculosis (TB), HIV/Aids, obesity, substance abuse, and others on request.  We supply kits and materials as needed, or to client’s budget.  Our Wellness programme comes with the added benefit of offering the employee a wellness screening on the spot.

Education and an expertly delivered wellness programme have proven to be pivotal in changing the behaviour and general health condition of employees.  We firmly believe that a healthy employee is a productive employee, which our wellness programme aims to provide to employees and employers.

Contact us today for professional a wellness programme, tailor-made to suit your company and your budget.

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