Workplace drug education - The Truth About Drugs Programme

Workplace drug education – The Truth About Drugs Programme

Earlier this year we delivered a workplace Drug Education programme to one of our clients.

The Truth About Drugs programme, which was presented by Shaleen Wohrnitz, is designed to educate people on the short and long term effects of drugs, and focuses on each type of drug individually. In total, 315 people participated in the programme which showed incredible results.

At the start of the programme,
• 4% said that they were currently using drugs while 96% were not
• 28% admitted to having used drugs before
• 72% had never taken drugs.

Upon completion of the programme,

• 94% of the participants said that they understood drugs better
• 54% had come to better understand the dangers of drug use
• 76% decided that they would not use drugs in the future.

South Africa suffers a R 20 billion loss each year due to lost production, accidents, injuries and damage caused by employees under the influence of drugs and alcohol. This is why Working Knowledge International encourages companies and employees to take part in our Drug Education programme.

For more information on our programme or to request a quote, please call us on 011 392 2741.

Feedback on our workplace Drug Education Programme

  • “I didn’t know the full extent of how drugs can affect you physically, mentally & spiritually. The DVD’s and presenter did a great job.”
  • “Now I understand more about drugs. I feel good for all the times I said no to drugs.”
  • “I did not realise there were so many different drugs or all the consequences of taking drugs or how fast a person can become addicted.”
  • “I feel ecstatic about living a drug free life. Seeing what drugs do or have done to people has given me a clear sense of why drugs are bad.”
  • “I thought if you were addicted it is easy to quit.” “My attitude has changed as I will never be tempted to take drugs after the video clips I saw.”

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