World Aids Day – Employee Wellness

World Aids day has flown by fast and many companies have held Wellness Events or are still  preparing Wellness Events to educate their staff and promote testing for HIV.

At Working Knowledge International we have seen an increase in requests for HIV education and testing which proves that employers are themselves becoming more educated and understand the importance of exposing their staff to the subject, so that they can have the opportunity to make educated decisions and know what to do should they be HIV positive.

HIV / Aids education has evolved over the years as the word has spread and more and more people have learned about this disease.

Many people still find the need to educate people on transmission of the virus; which is vital; however what we have found is that majority of the employees we train already know the basics of transmission and what precautions to take.

Many employees however do not really understand how the virus acts in the body and what the treatment does to the virus.

We have entered a new phase of education in HIV & Aids. We have also found that employees, having been educated on the subject of HIV & Aids are much more likely and willing to be tested because they understand that HIV is a treatable disease like Hypertension or Diabetes and does not have to be a ‘death sentence’.

HIV & Aids education is a highly effective tool for companies to ensure that their employees have all the information to make good decisions and stay healthy.

Unfortunately stigma still exists when it comes to HIV & Aids. Invest in education programs that assist in eradicating the stigma.

Offer counseling for employees who may be affected by HIV/Aids.

Remember that an employees status is confidential. Should they have confided in you, do not discuss their status with anyone else.

When doing counselling and testing, consider doing education before hand so as to increase willingness to test.

Consider implementing a health program that addresses eating habits and the importance of treatment adherance.